Classic Jelly Sandals

Give them the freedom to play! Rain, hail or shine, children are free to roam and explore the wonders the world. Our kids jelly sandals are highly flexible, durable and light weight for superior comfort. Easy to clean and low maintenance in a matt finish for a modern look.

Available in sizes 21-32 EU

100% BPA free

Nickel free metal adjustable buckle in gold

Eco friendly packaging

French Flax Linen

Linen has many qualities to admire such as it’s strength and versatility. It’s also kinder to our planet as every part of the flax plant can be used for zero waste. Additionally, it uses far less water to produce items than cotton and is biodegradable. It’s also much more durable than many other fabrics like cotton and when cared for properly can last for decades. Another benefit is over time with wash linen becomes increasingly softer.

Minimrkt linen is stone washed using natural pumice stones for supreme softness. You don’t have to wait for the silky soft feel, you can enjoy it from the moment it’s purchased. Our linen is made from 100% Pure French Flax grown and spun in France and custom made to order reducing waste.

Available in several colours from sizes Cot through to King. If you’re interested in a particular colour, style or size please contact us to find out who your nearest stockist is.